Prof. Dr. med. Rüdiger Autschbach

Contact: Administrative Office, Gina Bugla-Brüll
Phone: +49 (0)241 80-88737 / Fax: +49 (0)241 80-89232


Department of
Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery

Medical Services


  • Heart Surgery
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG)
  • Valve replacement and repair
  • Minimally invasive surgery (of pump CABG, minimal access valve replacement/repair, transcatheter aortic valve implantation)
  • Re-do CABG and valve surgery
  • Complex surgical therapy for heart failure (ventricular assist device, extracorporal pumps, etc.)
  • Complete spectrum of rhythm surgery (pacemaker, implantable defibrillators, cardiac resynchronisation therapy
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Open and thoracoscopic lung resection

Research Focus


  • New endoscopic surgical procedures
  • Minimally invasive transcatheter mitral and tricuspid valve implantation

Professor Autschbach has been director of the Department of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery since 2001. After completing his medical studies in Bonn, Professor Autschbach worked in Düsseldorf, Göttingen and Leipzig, where he received his professorship for cardiovascular surgery and was promoted to Assistant Director of the Cardiac Centre Leipzig. He specialises in minimally invasive heart surgery.

From among the various treatment options, the Department of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery prefers minimally invasive approaches. These enable more rapid and less painful recovery and therefore shorten the length of time spent in the hospital. Patients benefit from the close interdisciplinary collaboration with the medical engineering facilities of our university, providing innovative less-invasive therapy strategies for cardiac disorders. Our international team of surgeons is highly experienced in interacting with patients from abroad.